Give HOPE!

Live to be Missed…

Most people live to be remembered. Not many people live to be missed. Living to be missed involves using your time, talent, and treasure to have a lasting impact in this world. Are you living to be missed? What if you could change the story of kids whose stories include bad news? We invite you to live to be missed and change the story together…with us.

Can you imagine the story beginning to change?

Can you see the enrichment programs happening here? Computer classes? Tutoring programs? Imagine a facility filled with loving hearts ready to give their time so that our youth are learning, growing and feeling loved.

Here is an image of the facility that will be used as transitional housing. A place where young mothers can get training, receive help and hope in preparation for independence. A place for encouragement, a safe haven to learn some of life’s lessons. A place of love!

Hallway full of classrooms. Think – After school programs, an opportunity for young people to feel loved and have a safe place to hang out.

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